Week 1 Update

It has officially been one week since I decided to really re-focus myself on my eating and workout habits. I weighed in for the first time this morning and was down 2.4lbs! That was relieving. I still have a lot more to go, though, before I reach my goal.

The past couple days I’ve done very well sticking to my calorie and workout goals. Yesterday I hit my Fitbit steps and went to Crossfit, and I ate just over 1300 calories. Today I’m at about the same amount of calories, but I walk/ran over 5 miles at the gym and then went to my first Barre class (which was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be).

Normally when I give myself a weekly check-in day, that day automatically becomes my “cheat day.” However, I’m going to State Fair this week and I need my cheat day for that (I’M SO EXCITED).

I’ve made a few different recipes over the past few days that I’ll post later this week. It’s been interesting, because I’ve been trying to cook for both my boyfriend and I but he HATES cooked vegetables (and is picky about the raw ones). Obviously vegetables are a main staple in my diet, but he’s agreed to try new things. I made him a Chicken Burrito Bowl last night and that went over well, but that also had minimal vegetables in it. We’ll see what kind of creative ways I can sneak them into his food….. mwahahaha.

Anyway, that’s about all for my update today. I have a cold and am heading to bed REAL early in attempt to get rid of it before it gets worse. xxx

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