Week 2 Check In


Yes, I just said “ya’ll”. It’s been a good week. My eating has been ON POINT. I only drank once over the weekend. I’ve been going on walks instead of eating when I’m bored. I have been portioning snacks instead of eating the whole bag. I have been making healthier decisions when going out to eat instead of being like “oh it’s fine it’s only a little bit.” And guess what?! IT’S WORKING! All of those small little adjustments have added up, and it’s working. I was down exactly 2 pounds this week, which means 4.4 pounds lost in two weeks in total. WOOOHOO!

2 weeks ago I truly didn’t think it was going to be possible for me to drop any weight. It had creeped up pretty far and was consistent for months. I’m officially back to where I was around May, which feels fabulous. A little less than 10 pounds to go for my goal, and I have 105 days to do that. PIECE OF CAKE (I’d love a piece of cake, red velvet to be exact). It feels good to be back in control. I give into my cravings (I’m human) but the other 98% of the time, I make good choices and I’m not torturing myself. I’ve re-found the balance that I’ve been missing.

Anyway, I have a birthday dinner and party this weekend AND a bachelorette party to attend. I’m going to try very, VERY hard to make the best decisions that I can and to get my workouts in. Hopefully my current mindset works in my favor and I’m successful.

Until next time…

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