Week 3 Check In

Well, it happened. I failed. I gained weight this week.

I did fairly well on Wednesday and Thursday, but the weekend is what kicked my butt. I went to a birthday party on Friday night. I didn’t drink too much, but I definitely made some poor food decisions. Bar food and cookies man, they got to me. I didn’t work out on Saturday because I had to leave pretty early for a bachelorette party in Green Bay. I obviously drank a good amount there. I didn’t eat HORRIBLE but I didn’t restrict myself, that’s for sure.

Sunday evening I went out to dinner. I ran 4+ miles during the day and ate a salad later on. Yesterday I went to dinner as well and had another salad, but didn’t completely stay away from the chips and salsa.

Anyway, I gained weight.


Do I sound upset? Because I’m not. I actually was very excited because I thought it was going to be much worse. Yes, I put myself back a little bit on my goal, but I enjoyed my week and I didn’t stress out too much about what I was eating. I only took one day off from the gym and I tried to make the healthiest decisions that I could (for the most part).

It’s a new week, I’m back on board. And I will get back down to where I was last week and hopefully even further than that. I have 99 days left to reach my goal, and I’ll get there.

1 thought on “Week 3 Check In”

  1. I enjoy reading your post. I struggle as well. But always try to remember I can start fresh tomorrow. Keep up the good work.


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