Weekly Check-in

Hello my friends.

Today is Thursday. The Packers play tonight. I have a wedding to attend in Indiana on Saturday/Sunday, a BBQ with friends on Monday.

I need to make sure that I continue to focus on making the right choices if I want to achieve my goal, right? Right. So wish me luck for the upcoming few days; I’m going to need all the will power I can get.

It’s been an exhausting week, both physically and emotionally. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me recently. A lot has happened in my life personally since my last update, but this blog isn’t designed to dive into my thoughts and emotions about things not fitness/nutrition related. Therefore, I’ll stay on topic.

I lost a half of a pound this week. NOT A LOT! But something. I did a good amount of emotional eating (ice cream for days) but I stayed consistent in my workouts and tried to make the healthiest choices that I could.

I meal prepped tacos for the week with these awesome wraps that I found for only 1 WW point each (HOLLA). I loaded them up with veggies and salsa so each taco is only 2 points each (DOUBLE HOLLA).

I’ve become re-obsessed with Quest bars. I went through a Larabar phase when I was doing Paleo, but now that I’m back to WW, Quest bars are WAAAAAAY less points than Larabars are. And they make me feel like I’m eating a candy, it works out well.

Anyway, I’m down another half pound which puts me at 8.5 more to lose before Thanksgiving. 85 days and counting 🙂

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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