Teeter Totter

First of all, let me start by saying that if you read my blog you will come to realize that my weight is something that is always all over the place. I used to weigh in every day and drove myself crazy because of it. One day I’ll be down 3 pounds, the next I’ll be up 5. I try to live by a rule of thumb that if I’m within 2 pounds of the week prior’s weight… everything will be fine. I have to account for things like water weight.. how many calories I burned that week.. is TOM here? how much alcohol did I consume? Did I eat a lot of carbs yesterday?  Did I eat late? …..I could go on.

As much as I want to lose weight and am trying to lose weight, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past 4 years is that balance is key. Restriction, at least for me, affects me mentally more than anything else. If I go on SUCH a strict diet to where I’m cutting out my favorite foods or cutting my calories super low all together, I tend to binge eat. And when I binge eat, the calorie intake is much worse than if I would have just had that damn chocolate cupcake.


Now that does not necessarily mean that whenever it’s a weekend, or a holiday, or a special occasion, etc. that I’m going to go hard or go home. I’m still going to make 90% healthy decisions under those circumstances. With how busy I am all the time, if I just made excuses for every event I attended (“I can have this pie because it’s Labor Day.” “I can eat 3 hot dogs because it’s Sunday and those calories don’t count” (they do, by the way)), I would probably gain 20 pounds. #realtalk.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that gaining a pound or two in a week is not the end of the world. Just re-focus and it’ll come right back off.

That being said.. I gained again this week. And I know it was probably due to alcohol. I didn’t have a chance to work out at all on Sunday because of travel. I had a wedding and two cookouts over the weekend. Did I make the healthiest choices there? No, I didn’t. But I had a good time and I enjoyed myself so I don’t feel guilty about it.

I know we had this conversation like two weeks ago when I gained a pound. I realize that. But here’s the thing… weight fluctuates, pretty much for everyone. Had I waited until Friday to weigh myself, I probably would be back where I was before the long weekend.

This weekend I have another wedding, but that’s it. I plan on working out every day. I promise you that next week, I’ll be back to where I was last Wednesday… maybe even better. 🙂


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