New Direction

I haven’t had a decent update in quite some time and because of that, I’ve decided to change the direction of my blog overall. Instead of focusing on weight-loss, I’m now going to focus on real-life body positivity, being confident in your own skin, and being healthy. Because truthfully if you have all of that, the number on the scale means nothing.

You may be thinking… “Well aren’t you trying to lose weight?” And you know what? No. I’m not. Yes, I’d be totally cool with losing 10 more pounds. Yes, I’m comfortable with myself right now. Yes, my current BMI is more than what is considered “healthy”.  But I’ve been maintaining the same weight for almost 2 years. Per my doctor, I’m considered very healthy. And quite frankly in my honest opinion, a BMI is BS anyway. It’s not a measurement of how healthy you are, it’s a measurement of your height and weight. Basing your weight off of what is considered “normal” is ridiculous. Everyone is different. We’re all proportioned differently. Hell, one of my girlfriends who I think looks significantly smaller than me weighs the same amount as me. The number doesn’t mean anything; it’s the other factors that you need to consider:

Are you exercising regularly? Do you eat fast food all the time? Are you meal prepping? Are you overeating? Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you drinking enough water?

Those are the things that matter. Taking care of yourself matters.

Body positivity and body acceptance are difficult things to wrap your mind around. When you see someone with the “perfect” body, of course you’re going to doubt yourself and the way that you look.

Did you know, as of August of this year, the average woman in America is currently a Size 16? And the average weight of a man is just over 195lbs? Maybe it would help for you to think of those “perfect people” as abnormal, and yourself as “normal” for a change. Constantly remind yourself that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes when it comes to health. The healthiest people eat a cheeseburger every now and then. I eat a whole bag of chips every now and then. You can’t be on your game 100% of the time, that’s not human. Balancing it out as best as you can, though, is possible.

Strive to be the best person that you can be every day — that matters.

With this new direction of my blog, I’ve decided that every couple of posts is going to be about someone that I know personally who has gone through a “weight loss transformation” or is currently on their “weight loss journey.” I’m doing this because I believe real life people being honest about their stories and their struggles are the best form of inspiration. It’s not meant to necessarily inspire you to lose weight, but more so inspire you to change some of your unhealthy habits in order to develop a healthier version of yourself.

I will still post recipes and give you updates on how things with Crossfit and other forms of exercise are going, don’t worry. But I’m also going to try to be much more inspirational and motivational for you from here on out.

Remember, anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


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