State 32: Oregon

**DISCLAIMER – the following post is not food/fitness related (aside from some comments about what I ate while on my mini vacation) – It’s a post documenting my trip to Oregon**

I have no excuse for writing this blog so late. None what-so-ever. Truthfully, I’ve been doing a whole lotta nothing lately. I come home from work and watch Netflix, maybe go out for dinner, take a walk, and then go to bed. It’s glorious. I’m saving money, I’ve slept more than I ever have, my workouts are better, I’ve been able to run further and I’m less stressed out. I’m content 🙂
Back to the reason for this blog – My trip to Oregon. (I promise I’ll do a fitness update by Thursday at the latest).

Last week Thursday night I flew to Portland. I flew on Spirit Airlines and my suggestion is to never fly with them. That was the 3rd time I’ve flown their airline, and the 3rd time my flight was delayed. It never fails, they’re terrible. My flight was supposed to leave at 830 and was delayed until 930 which caused me to get to Portland after midnight. It was a lonnggg day.  Needless to say, I went to bed immediately.
Friday when we got up, the weather was kinda yucky. Drizzling, not very warm, gross. So we decided it was going to be a winery day. We discovered the “Hood River Fruit Loop” which is essentially 32 different stops that are either wineries and/or different fruit and vegetable stands.14671356_10206904101393156_1082968620729867984_n We didn’t stop at all of them, but hit up a good amount. Drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of delicious baked goods, pet some alpacas, bought a 2.5lb apple… it was quite the day. After finishing the loop, we went to some of the breweries in Hood River to try some local beer. Unfortunately though by this time, my jet lag was catching up to me. It was an early night.14610992_10206904095753015_2335776062803713006_n

14610867_10206904078912594_6726338721904852490_nSaturday we woke up and the weather was much nicer which means it was time for my favorite thing – EXPLORING! Mt. Hood was kinda blocked by the clouds which was upsetting, but we could still see it for the most part. We started the day by heading to the Timberline Lodge. It was really neat; cozy, lots of history lessons. Afterwards we hit up some waterfalls – Tamanawas Falls, Starvation Creek and Multnomah Falls to name a few. I didn’t climb up into any of the waterfalls because there was no easy way to do that, and because of the rain the day before, everything was pretty slick/14670896_10206904098313079_270935783707856177_n




We made our way towards Portland because we were planning to experience the night life out there. Of course, it started raining again when we got to the hotel, but we tried to make the most of it. We tried to have Mexican food for dinner but somehow ended up at a Vegan Mexican place and let me tlel you, that’s just not as exciting as Mexican food with cheese, or chips and salsa loaded with gluten.

Downtown Portland is nothing like downtown Milwaukee. Downtown Milwaukee has several streets with bar after bar after bar. Downtown Portland – you have to actually walk a little bit to get to each place. There isn’t like a “strip” of bars anywhere, they’re all pretty spread out. It took us awhile to figure that out. We ended up finding maybe 3 or 4 bars that weren’t half bad. We played pool at one for a bit and I won $70 on a slot machine at another (we drank for free thereJ) and then decided to call it a night around 1am. It was a good night, but it definitely wasn’t what we had expected.14708148_10206904083032697_7029537165910920233_n

Sunday was supposed to be a day of exploring Portland city life. And it was….in the rain. Again. We started the day by heading to VooDoo Doughnuts. I’ve never heard of this place but when we arrived there was a line far out the door so I knew it had to be good. I got a cake donut with chocolate frosting, covered in oreos and drizzled with peanut butter. HELLO LIFE, I LOVE YOU. Omg it was good.

14570337_10206904080752640_4800724305122920394_nThen we walked over to the Portland Market which was kind of a drag because of the weather, but there were some cute little booths set up along the river. Aaaand then, because of the rain, we turned to booze once again. Portland has a “Distillery Row” and Austin hadn’t been to a distillery yet, so we hit up some of the ones on the list. It actually turned out to be a really good time!

We tried a lot of different alcohol and if I would have been able to take a bottle home, I definitely would have. Then we went to a sports bar near the airport and watched the Packer game. I had an overnight flight back to Chicago which was the absolute WORST (I didn’t sleep at all).

Oregon is definitely one of the prettier places I’ve been but I will say that the phrase “It always rains in Portland” is not an exaggeration.

Another one off the list!

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