RP Diet

Goooooooood morning!

I wanted to give everyone a heads up that starting Monday, I will be committing to a new diet. The RP Diet focuses a lot on macros and timing of meals.

It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to require A LOT of prep work and A LOT of math (boooo) but I’ve been following the Facebook group for it and I think that if I stick to it, I’ll have some good results.

To give you kind of an idea of what I’ll be doing —

Each meal happens between 2-5 hours apart. Each has a source of lean protein + vegetables + healthy carbs + healthy fats (PS, I get to eat ALLLLL the peanut butter). Yesterday I went shopping and purchased 4 boxes of whole grain pasta. I haven’t bought pasta in YEARS so I’m pretty excited about that.

I’m going to start the diet out very simply, measuring the food for what it’s worth and not trying to be too creative with it. Once I get the hang of it I’ll be able to swap things out and make some good recipes (like Quest Bars or pancakes or enchiladas).

Each week I will post an update (with pictures) for how I’m doing, as well as show you what I’ve been eating. Don’t get your hopes up for anything extravagant, though, because for at least a month it’ll be very plain.

I’m going to try my hardest not to drink during these 12 weeks but I also promised myself I wouldn’t drive myself crazy, so if it happens – it happens. I’m going to NOLA on Thursday of next week (the same week the diet starts) so I’ll already be a little behind everyone else but that’s ok.

Feel free to ask questions throughout this process as you may have them while we go through this journey. And most importantly, wish me luck!


TGIF y’all.

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