Week 1 Update

Happy Tuesday!

Yes I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but for me it’s just PLAIN OLE TUESDAY.

I promised to update everyone each week about how my RP progress is going so that’s what I’m about to do.

I went to New Orleans for my birthday on Thursday last week and got back on Sunday afternoon. Thursday through Saturday I did not do the RP diet. I thought about it, but it truly would have been impossible for me to do on a vacation like that. Therefore, I technically only did the RP diet for 4 days this week.

I meal prepped ground turkey, rice, pasta, chicken, salad, brococli, egg white muffins & lots of peanut butter.

A few things I learned within the first week:

  • Eating the same meal multiple times a day is absolutely terrible. Never do it again
  • Low carb days (days without lifting) suck. I had 0 energy on these days
  • Drinking a shake during Crossfit makes me nauseous
  • Casein has a weird texture
  • Math is hard
  • Meal prep is absolutely key
  • 2 cups of vegetables each meal is A LOT of vegetables

Each night before bed I have a serving of Casein protein (it’s a slow release protein and is good for recovery). Although the texture was weird AF, I could tell a difference right away.

I could tell a different majorly on my energy level depending on what template I was following. It was really difficult for me to run on those days. Cardio is considered a non-training day and non-training days get a lot less carbs. Now that I think about it, I actually haven’t ran since I started RP. I’ve done run/walk workouts but not my typical 4 miles. Which is fine, I’m not complaining :).

I can’t give you an update on my weight because the weekend kind of screwed that over. I will say though that I already feel a lot more toned than I did before starting RP.

11 more weeks to go!

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