WEEK 3 UPDATE (its on time y’all)

Hello beautiful people.

Today is Tuesday. It’s Fat Tuesday. and goodness, I participated. But we’ll talk about that next week.

As for an update on my diet – last week was actually pretty good. Definitely the most successful weekend I’ve had so far. I failed again with the peanut butter on some days, but other that than I was pretty compliant with RP.

I also went to Crossfit for 8 days in a row (ouch), and did cardio on 2 of those days.The weather was nice so that definitely helped my ambition.

For lunches I had chicken tacos, ground turkey with zoodles, and BURGERS. It was fabulous. Breakfasts varied between omelettes and my eggwhite/oatmeal creation. Dinners ended up being whatever I could make – usually a combination of the things above.

The calendar I’ve been using to track my progress has really been helping me with the cheating. Seeing it in bright red that I’ve cheated 3 days out of the week makes me want to be better the next week – small goals!

I have not lost any weight on this diet, and in my opinion, my body doesn’t look much different:


(The green is most current, and those are swimsuit bottoms)

But I understand from experience that weightloss and body transformation is a slow process. I refuse to give up until these 12 weeks are over (and who knows, maybe I’ll keep goin after that).

I started the next “phase” of the diet, which essentially cuts down on fats and carbs a bit more. I think this will help me see a bit more progress over the next couple of weeks.

Feel free to ask me any questions if you’re interested in learning more about something specific! I know I’ve kept these posts a little more general (its hard when my meal prep is super uneventful) but I’m always willing to chat with someone if needed.


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