Week 4.

I almost forgot about this! But I didn’t, so #nsv.

Last week was good. Well, kind of.

Having this calendar really helps me see how I’m doing. I’ve been very honest with myself throughout the entire process. Visualizing it like this allows me to see where my weaknesses are and where I’m slacking. Here, I’ll show ya:


I write my workout in permanent marker along with my weight. CF is for Crossfit, in case you didn’t catch that. The pen (pink and blue) are the days that I cheated on and what exactly I did. If I cheated by having an extra TBS of peanut butter, I wrote that down. If I went all out and didn’t eat according to plan at all that day, I just used the word “cheat.” If I drank, I wrote “drink.”

My weight is tracked on the bottom. Lots of women (and men even) are probably looking at that in disbelief — “Is she really showing a bunch of random people her weight?!” Yes, yes I am. You’ve got to remember that

1. I used to weigh over 230 pounds. 165 is nothing. and

2. Personally, I recognize the fact that the number on the scale is just that — a number. It doesn’t define how much I can squat or bench. It doesn’t define how confident I am with myself or my body. It doesn’t have that control over me anymore.

Would I like it to be lower? Sure. But I’m good with where I’m at and I’m living my life¬†without obsessing over it.

I digress…

As you can see, I still haven’t lost weight. My weight fluctuates daily, even though I track it at the same time every day. The RP diet is also geared more towards adjusting your body’s composition versus actually causing you to lose weight. That being said, results of the RP diet are things like… becoming toner, moving up to that next PR in Crossfit, getting rid of the bad things in your diet, etc. etc. I’m ok with the fact that it hasn’t moved and I’m not getting frustrated with it.

You can see on my calendar that the last week of the month (last week) I started “Cut 1.” This diet goes in different phases – Base, Cut 1, Cut 2, Cut 3 and Maintenance. You are told to move to the next tab after 2 weeks if you aren’t seeing any change in weight. Since I didn’t lose anything with Base, I moved on.

What are the differences? Well, they cut out a lot of “healthy fats” on Cut 1 (RIP to my peanut butter). I still get some, but not neaaaarly as much as I did on base.


On Tuesday of last week, you can see that I wrote “cookies” ……

Girl Scout cookies came in and I ate between 1/3 and 1/2 of the box for each type I bought (3 kinds total). WHOOPS. It was a long day and I was home alone, hungry, and bored. Needless to say, I brought the rest to work the next day to get rid of them. I have no self control when it comes to those things.

You can also see that I drink (every Saturday). That will probably continue through the rest of this diet, let’s be real.

Some successes, some failures, but I think overall I’m getting more accustomed to how the diet works and how much time it takes to prep for it. I plan on only getting better from here on out.


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