Week 7

Well I officially missed a week of updating. And I’m late this week.


Really, I am. I don’t have an excuse for you, either. I just straight up sucked the past couple of weeks.

Anyway – here is your update.

Two weeks ago, I screwed up my back. How? No idea. Honestly I think it was from running. I went 4 miles on Sunday and it started to KILL during the workout on Monday morning. I was in SO. MUCH. PAIN. I went to Walgreens and got a heating pad and laid on the couch doing NOTHING after work.

I felt much better on Tuesday, but decided it was probably best to skip Crossfit because I didn’t want to mess up my back any more. So I decided to go for another run, 4 more miles.

Wednesday I was in pain again. I have no idea why I would be in pain from running like that, especially because of where it was hurting me, but that’s the only thing that made sense. I went to CF on Wednesday and on Thursday and was fine after that. Strange, man.

The Crossfit open is finally over – praise the lord. I placed twice in scaled throughout the 5 weeks. The last workout was Thrusters and Double Unders (which I cannot do yet), but it took me just over 10 minutes. I went to CF the next day and my legs were pretty sore but other than that I was in good condition. I ran 5 miles on Sunday as well.

My eating has not been the best. Last weekend, especially. I had off work on Friday because I had my home inspection, so I decided to go out on Thursday night – bad idea. Friday I went out with some coworkers right after CF and ate a bunch of fried food. Saturday I started drinking at 3pm and didn’t stop until 3 am, with some French fries and Mexican in between.

It showed. I gained 5 pounds over the weekend. I didn’t skip any workouts, but remember – food is 80% of weightloss, and my food and alcohol intake was terrible. I was kind of upset with myself if we’re being honest, because I had actually made pretty decent progress last week. After the weekend I was right back where I started. But hey, it happens.

This week has been a little bit better – most of my issues have been wine related. Which I suppose is better than binging on food or even drinking high-carb beer. Either way, it doesn’t fit into my meal plan. I’m still updating my calendar with what I cheated with and how much and let me tell ya – that thing is full for the month of March. I’ve decided to make it a goal to have half as many cheat days – IF THAT – for April, so wish me luck.

Last week for meals I had stuffed peppers and chicken pasta. This week is chicken nachos and a zoodle mix with chicken & sweet potatoes. All pretty simple stuff, but I’m trying to broaden my carb intake since it’s been mostly rice and pasta previously.
I’m down again in weight, about a 4lb loss since the start of this program. Not the best, but like I’ve said before, the RP diet focuses more on body composition than actual numbers. I’ll show you pictures again next week J

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