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Site Update.

I’ve been doing  a lot of thinking recently and I’ve decided that I’m going to start changing up my blog a bit. Some of you are going to like this, some of you will hate it, and most of you won’t give a damn because you don’t actually read this thing anyway.

I let my Health Coach Certification expire at the end of April. I didn’t really see a point in renewing it because I didn’t do much with it aside from gain personal knowledge. I’m OK with that – but with owning a house now and whatnot, I just didn’t see a point in that expense.

That being said, it’s not like I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned. I’m still very interested in health and wellness and continue to read articles and research and whatnot on a regular basis. I still love to meal prep and make new recipes and working out is still a priority for me. I’m still going to write blogs about new things I’m doing and trying, struggles that I’m having, information that I read, etc. But that’s not going to be my only purpose anymore.

I considered putting together just a personal journal for myself, but if I had that, let’s be honest – I wouldn’t update this one. And I don’t want to completely leave you out in the dust. I’ve had people comment about things that I’ve written in the past and how “real” and “down to earth” they are. That being said, I’ve decided to journal my life for the world to see.

You’ll be getting everything – health and fitness, food, friendships, travel, work, love (or lackthereof), family, pets, you name it. I’m known for not holding anything back and that’s exactly how I plan to attack this –completely raw. All me.

If you want to unfollow my blog or my Facebook page, go ahead. I understand. Not everyone is interested in learning about somebody else’s life. I’m hoping that some people can relate to things I say and stories I tell and if not, well then I guess I’m just doing this to keep my own sanity in check.


Much love, xxx

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