I didn’t realize it’s been so many days since I’ve posted last! I feel like I haven’t really done much this week worth posting about.
I’ve been in kind of a ‘funk’ that I haven’t been able to get out of… but I think I made some progress today. It’s been a busy weekend, and I didn’t even go to the bar! #progress.

I meal prepped today but I’m going to save that for another post. This one is going to be about what I did yesterday – my first Warrior Dash.

I’ve done a bunch of 5K’s – mostly regular runs. I’ve done a GloRun, Color Run & Inflatable Run as well. The Warrior Dash, though, was the first “mud run” I’ve been a part of. It was a blast!

I went with my friend Jamie and neither of us really knew what to expect. It was about 45 minutes away in a little town right outside of Johnson Creek.



We were in the middle of nowhere but there were a TON of people. They had a new “wave” every 15 minutes and each wave was pretty packed. When we were first driving up we felt like everyone had seemed pretty clean compared to what we were expecting. The closer we got though the more we realized that those people had washed themselves off — the ones that were coming right out of the course were COVERED in mud.

The race started and we ran… until it was all mud. SO MUCH MUD. and running in the mud is not an easy thing to do let me tell ya. My ankles were not pleased. We just about made it to the first obstacle which was a metal structure that we had to climb on top of then over. There were 12 obstacles total. Some of them were really muddy, some of them were really high up in the air. There were a few where we had to use ropes to pull ourselves up; I thought those were the hardest. We jumped over fire at one point as well. Aaaand swam through a lake to get to a platform and then swam off the other side. I recall telling Jamie at some point that I felt like we were on “Survivor” haha. We were a mess. I have a bunch of bruises on my legs and on my back but it was a good time.
The last obstacle you literally had to crawl through mud, which is why we ended up looking like this



I wasn’t really to uncomfortable until the very last obstacle. That was the worst. And we had to “wash” ourselves off in a lake. I don’t remember the last time I was that dirty. After we changed our clothes and got as cleaned up as we could, we got our free beer and some food. OH BTW, I waited in line about 15 minutes for a chicken burger, then I put it down on the table so that I could open the ketchup and some dude knocked my entire burger and tater tots ALL OVER THE GROUND AND DIDNT OFFER TO BUY ANOTHER ONE. SMH. He said “oh shit sorry” and walked away…. I obviously still ate it. but WTF BRO.

Oh we also got these sweet hats



All in all, I’m glad we did it. I would totally do it again. Worth every penny & every second.

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