For those of you who don’t know me very well – I’m an impulsive person.

In a good way, of course. It’s allowed me to plan spur of the moment vacations, make purchases that I probably would have talked myself out of and regretted, and essentially has helped me with living my life to the full extent. As of right now, I have yet to make an impulsive decision or purchase that I regret.

Yesterday for Mother’s Day, my mom and I were supposed to go to a winery. She wasn’t feeling well, though, so I decided to finally do some yard work (woooooo).

There were two bigger flowers that had been sitting in my front yard, dead, since I moved in a month ago. Today is the day for change. So I went to Home Depot (still had some $ on a gift card) on a mission. Then, of course, I get there, and my impulsivity (that’s not a word, get over it) takes over.

They had vegetable plants on sale, 4 for $12 each.

“Oh thats $3 a plant and if they grow every year that’ll save me so much money in the long run on produce.” I thought to myself.


So here I am at Home Depot, with my flowers, picking out vegetables. I got sweet potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, red pepper, green pepper, eggplant & zucchini.

Luckily for me, I have Tony in my life to help with all my gardening needs. Because the second I made this decision, I realized I know nothing about planting a vegetable garden. How hard could it be? THERES LIKE 30 DIFFERENT TYPES OF DIRT WTF. I texted him to ask which one to get. Then I asked Tony how much he thinks it would cost to replace my “woodchips” in the front (woodchips are apparently called mulch, btw).  But I didn’t follow through with that impulsive idea (yet…anyway). I was at Home Depot for a good 30 minutes (picking out the flowers I went there for in the first place took about 5 of those minutes).

I left with all my vegetables, two bags of dirt, a hand shovel thing, weed killer, and the two giant flowers I needed.

Then I went home and started gardening and immediately hated my life. The little area in back that I had planned to use was a mixture of mulch and just regular dirt. So I took off the top layer of mulch, raked up all the dirt to mix it a bit, and then added the new stuff.


I really regretted my decision at this point. It was a lot of work, and that goes without mentioning the fact that I was sunburnt from the Warrior Dash the day before. I digress…

So I’m reading the instructions on these plants (because I read instructions so I’m not an idiot), and they’re telling me spacing, how deep to plant them, etc. Alright, alright, I can handle that.


It actually turned out to look pretty cute, but we’ll see if anything actually happens with it. I would love to have my own vegetables, but if it doesn’t work because I’m a newbie, I’m totally OK with hittin up some weekend farmers markets instead.

I’ll keep you posted. I already watered them this morning like a real pro. Keep your fingers crossed.

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