I finally have something new and exciting to post about!

I’ve taken a little break on the house stuff. It stresses me out and it’s expensive. My dad came over earlier this week and helped fix some odds and ends that needed fixin so that was nice, but aside from that, I haven’t really done much.

As most of you know, I have a cat, Callie, and a dog, Kona. A few weeks ago I was looking on WI Humane Society’s website (because that’s what I do in my free time) and stumbled across the “fostering” page. I read the requirements and it seemed pretty easy.

Let me explain this to you before you get all judgmental.

  1. You have to keep the animal separate from the other pets at all times. Basically just in case it’s got medical problems, or behavioral problems, they don’t want the ‘resident’ pets to be harmed. Callie and Kona do not have contact with my kitten.
  2. The humane society provides everything — I did not have to pay for food, toys, etc. That was all given to me when I picked her up.
  3. Fostering typically takes place 3-4 weeks depending on progress. And no, I am not going to end up adopting another cat. I do, however, plan to foster as needed. I have a 3 bedroom house – why not dedicate one to a baby kitten?!

I got the call on Wednesday to let me know that they had a few options available for fosters. All were just over a month old and weighed under two pounds.

TWO POUNDS?! Callie is like 12-15 (I think).

Next thing you know, I’m pickin up this little gal, her name is TumTum

image1 (21).JPG

I put her in the office (it’s smaller and has more little crevices for her to explore). As of right now, I have her until the 15th or so of next month. She needs a foster home because she just needed somewhere to grow. Putting a tiny baby like her in a box with a bunch of other larger cats would be a recipe for disaster.

Kona and Callie are both aware she’s in there and surprisingly Callie is the one that’s worried about it. Kona kinda sniffs the door and walks away from time to time, but Callie has been sitting outside of it a lot. TumTum is LOUD so I can understand why she’s so concerned (haha).

image2 (14).JPG

Aside from playing with her (obv I don’t mind that) and feeding her every couple of hours, it’s a piece of cake. She’s already litter trained and she’s a baby, so she likes to sleep. A few people scolded me and said I had enough on my plate to begin with, but in my opinion this is a super easy thing to do and it helps an animal in need. Why wouldn’t I foster?

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