Hi All,

Here we are, back to my habitual “update a lot and then don’t update” haha. I know I just posted but I wanted to give you all an update.

So Sunday is the day I decided to get my life back together. I’ve been eating clean (mostly) and watching my calories. I haven’t had any alcohol. It’s been a good couple of days.

And I’m already down 4 pounds.


Mind you, I freaked out a little bit last week because the number was high – for many days straight. Way too many days straight. But I’m already on the right track and I am STOKED.

Last night, the guy that I’m seeing (let’s call him Jake until thinks become serious, if they do), came over and we made the second cauliflower pizza. BBQ sauce, chicken, tomatoes, onions & cheese. AKA It was a lot better than the pepperoni one I made last week. I highly suggest that crust. I’m going back to TJs tomorrow to pick up some more.

AND I wanted to tell you all about another little gem I found last time I was there — it’s called “OH MY GUAVA” and its a iced black tea drink. SO FREAKIN GOOD. That is also on my shopping list for TJ’s, as well as some tuna steaks (I only like them from there, it’s weird).

Image result for trader joe's oh my guava

Today at CF we had a ridiculous squat workout and I’m already in so much pain. I went for a long walk with Kona afterwards though, to try to keep the muscles loose, and I ate a TON of carbs and protein for dinner and foamrolled for a good 10 minutes, so I’m hoping the pain is at least manageable tomorrow. I’ll keep ya posted on that.

Anyway, I’m obviously not going to have a free-for-all now that I’m on the right track. I am going to a cheese curd & beer fest on Thursday (super Wisconsin of me, I know), but I’m going to try to behave myself.

I’ve also been trying a lot harder to manage my money better and I’ve also been improving on that. I haven’t spent any so far this week (yeah, I know it’s Tuesday), and I shouldn’t spend any tomorrow aside from the few things I’m picking up from Trader Joe’s.

Things are looking up, ya’ll. Keep your fingers crossed for me – I still have about 6 more pounds to lose.


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