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First of all, I’d like to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone for the support on my last post. I was pretty emotional about the situation at first, but once I cried about it, ate about it and drank about it I was good to go. “Jake” is completely out of my life and to be honest I’m a lot less stressed out. Can’t complain about that.

Anyway, the past couple of days has been busy by my own choice. I’ve been keeping myself occupied with working out and seeing friends.
Thursday I woke up with a hangover but at night I went to “Curds and Kegs” in West Allis with my mom and aunt – IT WAS GREAT. Unlimited craft beer samples and alllll the cheese for a flat $10! Fricken steal, man. We ate and drank a lot. I didn’t go to the gym, whoops.

image1 (22).JPG

Friday night I went out to ABV Social (I love that place, if you haven’t been there yet – go!).

Saturday I went to the Farmers Market in Madison for the first time and it was AWESOME. I went with my mom and my friend Erica met us there. We walked around the market twice, ate some free cheese, went to a few little shops on State Street, had lunch, and hung out for a bit at the Union Terrace. It was a nice, relaxing, yet very exhausting day. The heat + walking around in sandals definitely took a toll on my body. I skipped the gym again this day but we walked around so much that I didn’t feel bad about it. I had about 14K steps, but burned about 1000 more calories than usual.

Sunday I did some stuff around the house, went for a run, then hung out with Kelly a bit at her pool, had some drinks at Mattys and her parents made dinner on the grill. YUM.

Yesterday I hesitantly agreed to play Co-Ed softball for the first time. Literally haven’t played softball since highschool and it went exactly how you’d think – bad. But that’s ok, it was a good time with a bunch of friends.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my dog lately because walks have been minimal but it’s just been SO hot – she can’t handle it. Just laying outside for a bit and she pants for hours on end. I’m sitting at the patio table writing this blog right now and may actually take her for a quick one once I’m finished with dinner since the weather has cooled down so much.

I’m kind of undecided right now as to what I want to do about my dating life. Try? Don’t try? Download the apps? Delete them? I’m kind of in an “I don’t care right now” mode which  is probably for the best. It’ll happen when it happens. Yes, I’m 27 years old and still single AS FUCK but let’s think about it for a second.

I have a house.
I have two animals that rely on me.
I have a good job.
I have great friends.
I’m less stressed because I’m not worried about anybody else.
I have more free time to spend doing what makes me happy.

Why do I really even need to be in a relationship? Sure, I’d love to find that person whom I consider my best friend and can spend an endless amount of time with …But at the same time I’m very content with where I’m at right now. I’m happy.  So until that guy comes along I’m gonna keep doin me — cuz in the end, that’s all I’ve got.

That post took a totally different direction than I expected to but hey, it is what it is.

Hope you all had some tacos today.

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