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It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe so I figured I’d show you what I meal prepped for the week!

It was a pretty good weekend. Friday I went out for tacos with a few former coworkers. I didn’t feel too hot at all on Friday – I was very sick with some type of stomach bug, it was rough. Took the day off work, accomplished a lot of things on my to-do list (it’s still VERY long) and that was about it.

Pick N Save is closing down a few of their locations. I went to Walmart for a few things and saw the “Store Closing 60% Off” signs in the window so I figured I’d take a look. Not that I needed any more groceries, but who can pass up 60% off?! Not me.

I got 6 pints of Halo Top ice cream for $2.30 each. I got 9 boxes of Starbucks K-Cups for $4 each – it was INSANE. Started buying some snacks for the house warming party because why not? Overall I got 43 items for $85. Not too freakin shabby.

Saturday I went to Crossfit in the morning (PR’ed my front squat BTW):

Took Kona on a nice long walk, and then attended a wedding reception downtown. It was open bar and I drank FAR too much. I was home around 11, though.  It was a really good time.

image2 (16).JPG

(thats the bride)

I meant to do a bunch of yard work this weekend but I didn’t get around to it. Sunday I took my dad to breakfast and then we went to pick up a treadmill for my basement (YAY) I was so tired and hungover that it took me until about 2pm to get moving. Cleaned the house, prepped, did a few more “to do” things on my list and called it a day.

So anyway, here’s what I prepped for the week: Greek Chicken Bake

image1 (23).JPG


It was SUPER easy to do, but I made some changes.


I added a cucumber (because I always think cucumbers when I think Greek for some reason). I used regular yellow onions instead of green, I omitted the Olive Oil, and I made my own “Greek Seasoning” because I was unsuccessful at finding any at the store. I also used reduced-fat feta instead of regular because that’s just who I am.

I separated this into 6 servings that come out to about 300 calories each. I actually ate some for breakfast this morning and it is DELICIOUS.

This week ahead isn’t very busy for me (after work at least, at work is a different story). AND I finally bought a kitchen table last night! I’m excited for it to arrive. I’m going to try to focus on adding in more cardio this week (between the treadmill and Kona) since it’s not supposed to be ridiculously hot, I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult.



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