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The past week hasn’t been too exciting. Busy, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Last Saturday, I went to Strawberry Fest with some girl friends, walked around, drank a bottle of wine, the usual. I tried to eat one of those giant turkey legs, but I failed. That thing was disgusting. I couldn’t bite through it so after like 6 tries, I gave up. image2


Saturday night, I went out with Kelly. Guess who we ran into? My ex. My ex who consistently hits me up and asks me to “come over.” My ex who had texted me THE NIGHT BEFORE I SAW HIM telling me to come over. Smh. We sat not too far away from him, and he definitely saw us, but continued on his date. It was awkward but also hilarious. Some people truly just never change. Not surprisingly, I haven’t heard from him since. Moron.image1






Sunday I went to Strawberry fest with Kelly, my mom & my aunt. I bought a Packer weather vane for the yard (!!!!) as well as two maps of WI showing all the wineries and breweries in Wisconsin that I’m going to put in the basement. They’re pretty cool. My mom also bought me a Packers sign for my basement that’s made out of license plates.

Sunday night I made some tiki torches out of wine bottles that turned out pretty awesome and they were super easy. I’m planning to make a bunch more before my housewarming party. 19402057_10208853073076230_1256161027855942297_o.jpg

Monday I subbed for softball  — did not hit the ball once, again. I’m really great at it. I did play catcher, though, and my arm/shoulder is still SO sore from that.

Other than all that, nothing tooooo exciting! The 4th is coming up and it’s my favorite holiday so I’m pretty excited about that.




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