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Trust me, I know.

I suck at blogging.

The past two weeks have just been insanely busy and I put it at the bottom of my priority list again even though it shouldn’t be.

I’m sorry.

Here’s an update on my life.

First of all let me just say that I love my dog. I really, truly love my dog. She’s a huge pain in my ass sometimes and I do still love Callie more, but Kona is right up there. She has seen a wide range of personalities from me the past two weeks and she’s still right by my side. I’ve not given her as much attention as normal and I’m trying to fix that but regardless, she still snuggles me when I ask and gives me kisses. Who needs a man when you have a dog? But really.

Last weekend was my housewarming party. From personal experience, nobody realizes how dirty their house is until they try making it completely spotless. I was SO STRESSED, so very, very stressed. I ran around literally all week buying random things I needed for the party, things I needed to make the house look more complete, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. It was SO MUCH. a 3 bedroom house with two pets is definitely not the cleanest thing in the world, that’s a fact.


All in all the party went pretty well. About 50 people total showed up which is what I was expecting. We had a lot of leftover food, not very much left over beer, and the only one that got completely obliterated was mollsballs, whoops. It was a good time.


I was finally able to SLEEP on Monday (I took PTO) so that’s exactly what I did. Kelly and I got sushi for lunch, I went to CF, but other than that, I did NOTHING for the first time in weeks and it was amazing.

Yesterday and today were also very high stress days for me for reasons I cannot disclose right now. I’ll tell you soon depending on how things turn out.

The 4th of July weekend went well also. Got to see the fireworks in Menomonee Falls and Germantown, and I love fireworks. Plus there was minimal drama so that’s always a good thing.

My workouts lately have been absolutely terrible because I’ve been eating garbage. Too many BBQ’s, too much beer. I really need to get back on that train and I’m hoping to after today (which was already ruined due to my wonderful habit of stress eating). For example, my meal prep this week consisted of leftover hamburgers, potato salad and chips – yikes. Rough life. If anyone has any new eating plans they’ve been sticking to that include alcohol, pass those along. I’ve determined quitting drinking in the summer is far too hard and just something I don’t want to do.

That’s really all I’ve got. Nothing too exciting, just very, very busy. I’m booked Friday, Saturday & Sunday again this weekend, but am really going to try to get to the farmers market and meal prep something healthy for my body so I stop feeling so nasty.

til next time, xo



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