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Summertime is busy, man. Between Crossfit, work, a dog, a social life… I AM EXHAUSTED, ALWAYS.

Actually, I’m PMSing and my biggest symptom is laziness (not even overeating, weird, right?) Sorry if that’s TMI – but it’s the truth.

A few things have happened since last week when I updated. On Friday, we did the “Paddle Tavern” aka taking a boat around the MKE river and drinking our faces off. We went out downtown after and it was a lot of fun! Saturday I attended a surprise 30th birthday party and Sunday did a Pedal Tavern (same thing as Friday but on land) and was home pretty early AND PROUD OF IT!

Monday and Tuesday I didn’t do anything after work. Well, no, that’s a lie. Monday I mowed the grass and Tuesday I went to Crossfit but other than that… nothin.

Last night, a few coworkers and I went to Waukesha County Fair to see Bella Cain and danced our faces off. It started POURING as we were leaving so I got a bit soaked but no complaints here, good times had by all.

I’ve come to realize this week that I need to start spending a lot less time “out and about.” Not that I don’t enjoy my friends because I love them all dearly, but I own a house and I have a dog – those two things need to start being a bigger financial priority than I’m making them. Plus, I want to start focusing more on eating better and drinking less, and being out all the time doesn’t make that very easy. There are so many things around the house that I still want to upgrade or change and I’ll never have any money for it if I don’t cut back on the socialization. I just wish more of my friends were down to come over and have some beers or a bon fire or something — something cheap and non-exhausting is what I prefer these days.

I’m getting old.

Kona went to daycare yesterday; I take her about once a week. For the first time ever, they sent her home with a “report card” stating that she was being “overactive” and “impulsive” and “reluctant to listen” — great. They suggested I have her complete more obedience training (of course $$). I left feeling like I had failed as a parent. How on earth will I ever have kids? My goodness.

Anyway, daycare costs me $256 for 10 days, I take her one day per week (usually). I emailed today to find out how much training is and it’s $250 for 10 sessions — ALMOST THE EXACT SAME PRICE. So then of course I started to have a little bit of a panic attack thinking about forking out another $500 for this dog. #mentalbreakdown

This was the first month in MONTHS that I paid money towards my car because I finally had enough to do so. Then I get hit with the Kona stuff, Callie cost me an extra $50 for her yearly vaccines – it’s always something. It’s like I can never get financially ahead and that’s a really hard thing for me to accept because I’ve never had an issue with it in the past.

When my grandfather passed, he left all of his money to be split between his 3 daughters (my mom and two aunts). He was a wealthy man. I’m not sure what the numbers are, but I know that the amount he left was a lot. He was in construction for awhile and was very good at investing money in places to make more money off of it. Extremely smart. He didn’t leave any of his money to me, which was completely OK, I understood. Plus my mom told me a few times “you’ll get it when I die.” and immediately I was like RETIRING IN SWITZERLAND, THX MOM! (lol but really i love Zurich).

Today I received one of those “tear on the perforated edges” pieces of paper in the mail. TBH I’ve been waiting for a rebate from Menards so I figured that’s what it was.

I was wrong.

My mother sent me a check, a large check, “to use for whatever.” And I cried. Literally, sat down, on my kitchen floor (standard), and cried. I had to actually call her to make sure that it wasn’t a mistake because I was so shocked.

My parents have never been the type to just hand me money. Even for birthdays, graduation, holidays – they always preferred giving an actual gift. I’ve been working since I’ve been 15 years old and unfortunately (and fortunately I’m sure), I’ve never been the kid that just gets things bought for them.

Like I said earlier, I’m getting old. I didn’t even think like “Oh I’m going on vacation with this” or “Shit I can go buy a new phone” – none of that. I thought “ok now I can take Kona to training classes.” “I can put more money towards my car.” “I can get rid of some of my credit card bills.” It’s going to help, A LOT. Not only that, I’m always stressing about money; I can never get ahead. Although this won’t necessarily put me ahead, hopefully it’ll give me a better chance at saving some money so I CAN get ahead. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

So thank you mom. I love you and I appreciate you. Very, very much. Grand-dad raised you well. 🙂


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  1. I wouldn’t say he was wealthy. I would just say he was comfortable. And left myself and my two sisters comfortable. Granddad helped you out immensely with your college expenses. And he was very proud of you. Might as well share the wealth with you daughter because I love you so much.


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