Well, the bachelorette party was a success. No drama, lots of food and alcohol and good times had by all (at least I’d assume so). I gained (literally) ten pounds which was frustrating but it’s my own fault. Back on the train!

Let’s talk about the main reason for this blog: my dog.

I debated posting this on here because of people and their judgmental minds but I suppose it’s worth the risk.

image1 (24) Kona will be two in January. She’s still a puppy (it took me a LONG time to accept that dogs stay in ‘puppy’ mode much longer than cats stay in kitten mode). She still has her issues. She knows how to sit, she understands “down” but SHE decides when she wants to listen to that command, she knows what “wait” is (I use that instead of stay), she’s 100% house trained, and she doesn’t bite people or dogs. She jumps, HIGH, when she gets excited which is obviously an issue, and she pulls really hard on the leash during walks. Those are her two biggest problems. She’s also pretty territorial when it comes to me but she spent the whole weekend with another dog and had no problems.

I started her in a training class right when I got her but it was clicker training. It’s my fault she didn’t completely learn from that training because I didn’t really reinforce it at home. Having to carry around a clicker and a bag full of treats all the time is a lot to remember!


She’s also been going to daycare since I got her and has not had any issues. Until today.

Today, Kona was supposed to start her second round of training at the daycare. I dropped her off around 7:45am this morning like I usually do. Around 9:30, I received a call from the daycare saying that they have to “kick her out” because she got in a “scuffle” with another dog.

Wait, what? My dog?

Of course I’m immediately upset because 1. My dog is the problem child. 2. She’s obviously now not starting training. 3. She now doesn’t have a daycare to go to and 4. MY DOG BIT ANOTHER DOG?!

I literally spent over an hour today mad at myself for ‘letting this happen.’ I don’t want my dog to be an asshole. My dog has been going to daycare for 8 months and never has gotten into a ‘scuffle’ before. I want my dog to be socialized. I want her to have play dates and make friends. I want her to work on her training so that she doesn’t jump or pull on the leash.

But I have no idea what I’m doing. I never grew up with a dog, it was always cats. I never had to train Callie. I don’t have to socialize Callie or give her exercise. I knew I was getting myself into a lot of work when I adopted Kona, but I didn’t think I could actually literally fail at it, and today that’s how I felt. I felt like I failed as a mom.

I went to daycare to pick her up and asked exactly what happened. The worker told me that two other dogs were playing and Kona just “went for one of the dogs” and left a “puncture wound” on the other dogs ear.


That sounds to me more like she wanted to play too and tried a bit too aggressively to get involved. Am I wrong in feeling like it was a bit of a stretch to completely kick her out of daycare for that? When they said scuffle, it sure made it seem as though Kona mauled another animal and was being a reckless beast. The other dog didn’t need any medical attention; they didn’t even bandage her up.

I’m not trying to say that what Kona did was ok – because it wasn’t. She needs to learn how to be less aggressive and she needs to understand the difference between the size that she is and the size that other dogs are. But I think the reaction of the daycare should have been different than it was.

I hate failing at things. Having a dog really stresses me out because I don’t want to fail. I don’t want things like this to happen.

It’s also really hard for me because I have travel goals and all the people that told me they’d help with Kona when I first got her have neglected to do so (other than  my mom). It’s hard. I’ve had her for almost a year and I’m still adjusting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog. She’s a sweetheart other than her few minimal flaws. But man oh man, my stress level has been through the roof because of her lately and I just wish I had someone to help me out.

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