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I don’t really have much to write about today.

The weekend was fairly busy. Friday night, Kelly and I went out in Waukesha to Friday Night Live and ended up spending most of the night at Boscoes (which I was totally cool with, they have a neat patio!).

Saturday I went to CF, did a bunch of chores around the house and then out to Mexican Fest. Ate SO MANY TACOS (yessssss) and had a couple of Margaritas. Then went out in the Falls to celebrate a friend accepting a job offer!

Sunday was Molly’s first Bridal shower – the venue was so cute! Then I had to take Kona to meet a new babysitter, my dad came to help me bring a new treadmill into the basement. I meal prepped some chicken stir-fry for the week – which is freakin’ delicious. All in all, busy and productive weekend.

What I really wanted to write about today is Houston.

I’m not the type of person to get political, I don’t like voicing my opinions on any social situations either, because I hate reading rebuttals. However, I think we can all agree that what’s happening over there is absolutely terrible.

I have been non-stop watching the news, reading articles on CNN, and watching public stories on SnapChat. I’ve been tearing up CONSTANTLY & I cry sometimes too, but I try to keep it together. What these people are dealing with right now is so absolutely terrible, horrifying and heartbreaking.

Can you imagine – sitting in your house, with your family and pets, thinking that it’s just another storm that will pass and then within hours you’re being told to evacuate the town you live in? What if you can’t?  What if it’s too late for you to get through the water? Some people have been told that staying in their houses is less risky than driving – what if that were you? How would you keep your kids alive when the water is rising up past half their bodies? What about your dog? Your cat? Your sick grandma who is in a wheelchair and can’t stand on her own?

Good God, I can’t even imagine.

Watching this stuff has once again made me realize that material items simply don’t matter. I mean sure, I guarantee those people are worried about their homes and how they’re going to replace the items inside that they need. More importantly, though, is that they’re all OK. That they made it out alive. That they’re safe, their family is safe, their pets are safe. That’s what’s first on their minds because that’s what’s important.

I try very hard not to be a materialistic person. That’s why I spend most of my money on experiences versus things. Things disappear. Things can be replaced. Most things that you have, you probably don’t need. It’s crazy to me how some people revolve their self-worth around what material items they have – whether it’s a huge house, a nice car, a $300 watch or some fancy ass shoes that they’ll only wear once.

It’s sad that it takes a devastating situation, like Harvey, to make people really remember what’s important in life. I know that I for one am going to try to re-gain focus on not spending money on things I don’t need and to be happier with what I have; what I have is great.

On another note, I know most of you that read this live in the general MKE area. Consider donating. I know we’re all broke and we’ve all got bills to pay – but maybe this week you should cut out the Starbucks and send that extra $10 to Houston. I already donated $50 to Red Cross, and I’m planning to send more to another charity later this week. The people of Houston need the money and the help more than I do right now, that’s for sure.

Be thankful for where you are in life and be thankful for what you have. Even if you don’t pray – keep Houston in your thoughts. What those people are going through right now is absolutely devastating.

United we stand. 


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