I’m going to ignore how long it’s been since I last posted because that’s always what I start my blog posts with.

I know I haven’t posted about South Carolina yet – I will, just not today.

I’ve had an interesting week for various reasons. We had after-work events two nights this week which made for some busyness. Last weekend I went to Oshkosh with Kelly to visit Liz, and I had people over for the Packer game on Sunday.

Speaking of the Packer game – that leads me into something that I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve realized that one of my BIGGEST ALL TIME pet peeves is when someone tells you they’re going to be somewhere and they don’t show up…. and they don’t tell you they’re not coming. It’s one thing to cancel plans, but I HATE when people cancel plans without actually cancelling them. Why is it MY duty to reach out to YOU and ask where the heck you are when you’re hours late instead of you sending a simple text saying “I can’t make it” ?? I don’t get it. It goes the same with RSVP’s. Planning all of these events for work – it’s happened soooooo many times. People think “oh I’m just one perosn what’s the big deal if one person doesn’t show?” Wrong. You’re one of 10 people that’s thinking the exact same thing, and now there are 10 people that have bailed. It’s very irritating to me and I feel that it’s very disrespectful to treat people that way. If you’re not going to show up – tell the host. Simple as that.

I digress.

I try to walk Kona 3-4 times per week, anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Typically I just walk her around the neighborhood which gets pretty boring. So I decided that I’m going to start taking her to parks around the Milwaukee area. On Wednesday, we went to Jacobus Park in Wauwatosa and today we roamed around Estabook park in Shorewood. Both are very pretty parks with nice nature trails but Estabrook was gorgeous.

image1 (25)

It’s a double whammy because Lord knows I need the extra cardio with the way I’ve been eating, and Kona loves all the new sights and smells. She’s even gotten used to water (finally) and just jumps right into the river whenever we’re near it.

She had such a blast in Estabrook – even though I got stung by a bee 15 minutes in. I saw a HUGE buck wade across the Menomonee River which was awesome.

I am walking her with a prong collar right now, I caved. It does help a lot. I’m just hoping that once I walk her without it she won’t go back to pulling again.

She also started at a new daycare and has gone 3 times now – no problems. Happy Paws in Wauwatosa, in case you were curious. I’d like to start introducing her to more of my friends’ dogs, but we’ll see how that goes.


Anyway, if anyone has some good nature trail ideas that are nearby let me know. I’d like to keep the driving distance around 40 minutes or less. If anyone wants to join us, let me know. Most of my ‘friends’ don’t like leaving the bar or the town they live in, but Kona and I would love people to hike with 🙂

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