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It has been quite the week for me.

Yes, I know I still need to post about South Carolina, and I will. But I have other things going on right now that I need to talk about.

Last week, I was offered the position of a Recruiter for Roaring Fork Restaurant Group – a Franchise that owns 55 Qdoba locations around WI, IA and IL.

I accepted the position and start there in a few weeks. I’ve been “open to new opportunities” for awhile, i.e. I haven’t really been ‘looking’ per say but if I see something interesting, I’ve been applying. Obviously, recruiting for a Mexican restaurant was something that interests me.

I’m excited about the new role because it’s just that – a new role. They don’t have anyone recruiting for them currently, no processes set in place, etc. I get to do all of that and that’s really exciting to me.

Of course I appreciate Waterstone – I feel like I’ve grown up a lot here. It’s been almost a total of 4 years. But honestly, aside from Employee Engagement, I haven’t been happy with my role for awhile. I’ve applied for other positions in the company and haven’t had much luck moving around, so I decided that Qdoba is the best for me at this time.

RFRG is located Downtown MKE which will be quite the change from driving to Pewaukee everyday but honestly it’ll be more convenient. Kona’s daycare is actually on the way to the office, and Crossfit is 10 minutes away instead of 45. Also, Nikki works like 2 blocks from me now so we’ll have plenty of lunch and coffee dates!

I have some time off in between jobs and am going on a trip to the east coast by myself. I’m leaving on Saturday and coming back on Sunday. The itinerary includes Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. After I’m finished I’ll only have 8 states left – YAY! I’ve got 2 years and 4 months to get them all completed and I think it might actually happen. Shout out to my mom for helping me with Kona this weekend so that I can go, it’s much appreciated.

I’m going to actually try to blog while on the trip since I’ll be by myself at night and not out drinking on the town. Don’t hold me to that, though, since I can barely keep up with a weekly posting.


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