Well, I’m a month late, but I’m finally sitting down to write my blog about our South Carolina trip. Lucky for you, I’m planning to pre-write about my east coast adventures right after this, so you won’t have to wait that long for it 🙂

Its Friday night, 5:45pm and I’m already in my pjs. I’m pretty sure I have a cold coming  and ain’t nobody got tiimmeee for that.

Anyway. South Carolina.


I went with my (ex) coworker and friend, Erin. We flew out of Chicago and into Greenville, SC. which is about 3 hours away from Charleston.  We landed pretty late and decided to hit up the first bar we could find. Let me tell you… it was top 5 towniest townie bars I have ever seen. There was karaoke aaaand I’m pretty sure there were some hard drugs going on in the bathroom but ya know, YOLO. (no, neither of us did drugs. thanks for checking). Somehow, though, we did manage to get pretty drunk ($3 fireball shots, that’s how) and Erin made friends with half the people in there. The 3 hour drive the next morning was not pleasant.

AND we had pre-purchased tickets for a brewery tour. TBH I didn’t think I was going to make it. I actually ate a hashbrown from McDonalds because I was so hungover and I can’t tell you the last time I had one of those (I didn’t regret it, still don’t).

We make our way to downtown Charleston and get on this brewery tour bus. We’re with ALL guys –  a Bachelor party and then a few stragglers. We visited 4 different breweries – Holy City, Coast Brewing, Palmetto Brewing and one more that I don’t remember the name of.


For obvious reasons, that’s the only thing we did that day. We went to a gas station, bought a bottle of wine, ordered some pizza and went to the hotel room to pass out.

21272141_10209532929177220_7675004221111534812_nSunday, we decided to go sight-seeing and be touristy for a bit. We went to Ft. Sumtner, the Charleston City Market, and just wandered around the shoreline and more of downtown. We checked out a lot of local bars as well and ate some seafood (including an oyster shot – which was essentially a shot of bloody mary with an actual oyster floating in it).

Monday morning we had to get up reaaaal early to drive back to Greenville and catch our flight.

All in all it was a good trip. We ate too much, drank too much and saw so much of Charleston. I’d definitely go back there some day.




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