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I know I complain about being an adult, a lot, but man oh man has life been throwing me some curveballs lately.

After my accident and looking at my insurance plan, it stated that I am allowed a car rental up to $1500 (which equates to about 30 days). Mind you, I have been consistently looking for a vehicle, but it’s a big purchase and I didn’t want to settle for something I didn’t super love. Last week, I got a call from the rental place stating that my insurance will be cutting off coverage as of 12/18 (only 2 weeks later).

So of course I call the insurance company and try to figure out wtf is going on – I called 5 times and left 3 voicemails before I finally got an answer this morning (12/19). Apparently that portion of my coverage is only relevant in a situation where the car isn’t considered “totaled” – and they can cut off coverage immediately after ‘offering’ me cash for my destroyed corolla.

Anyway, I was so excited because I finally found something that I wanted online. I went on Saturday with my dad to fricken Waterford (which is about 45 minutes away) to check it out. I asked to test drive it and he’s like “of course, I just need a copy of your license” and my dumbass did not have my license with me. It was still in the pocket that I had worn the night before. SMH. Guess I gotta come back.

Kona had a vet appointment on Monday evening for her bordatella vaccine. She HAS to get this by the 28th of this month or she can’t go to daycare. I had to cancel the appointment, so I could go get this car.

Fast forward to Monday night. I had planned for my mom to come with me to go pick it up. I left work early since it’s so far away and I didn’t want to be out all night running around. WELLLL my mom gets to my house and realizes that it REALLY smells like natural gas. So I call my dad after I get home and he has me running around testing all this stuff. I couldn’t figure it out what was leaking so I called WE energies. They came over within 45 minutes and did a bunch of tests. My water heater was leaking gas and so was my dryer. They fixed the dryer and turned off the water heater (helllllllo cold showers). By the time they left it was about 6:30 and I was so cranky I didn’t want to drive out to get the car.

It has been nonstop for me lately. One thing after another after another. I cannot catch a break. Yesterday I had about a 30 second mental breakdown – I’m deeming that successful because in all other situations I would have just lost it. My mom was actually proud of me for how well I handled it lol.

I’m trying to keep my head up and keep pushing through but I am SO stressed out – especially because I am still unprepared for Christmas which has kind of gotten pushed onto the back burner with everything else going on.

BUT – day by day, right? One breath at a time.

I do want to say thank you to everyone that has helped me throughout these past couple of weeks. It’s a good thing I’m not afraid to ask for help because man, I have needed it.

Thank you to my dad for helping me car shop and for trying to help with the gas leak.

Thank you to my mom for helping me out with Kona, the gas leak, and offering to help financially.

Thank you to Jim who agreed to drive all the way out to Waterford with me tonight because my parents are both working.

Thank you to the boy that I’m currently dating (we aren’t at name-on-the-blog-post level yet) who has helped me literally since the second I crashed my car, in any way that he can.

Thank you to my Crossfit coach who has helped by being flexible with my payments.

And thank you to my girlfriends, specifically Kelly, Liz, Jessie and Chrissy who have listened to me bitch and complain and have offered advice and reassurance these past few weeks.

I would not be getting through all of this stuff if I didn’t have support from the people around me and I want to make sure that it’s known that I know that. I am very grateful, always.


PS – the feature photo of this is alcohol because that’s all I want right now.

1 thought on “#DayByDay”

  1. Just so grateful you are okay. People die from gas leaks. The rest is a pain in the a$$ but basically just an inconvenience compared to the rest.
    Hope you have a blessed Christmas and safe New Year !


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