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New years is always such a weird concept to me. Like, in reality, it’s just another day. Yeah, you change the date when you write things but what else changes? Everything was the same as it was yesterday – right? I don’t believe in needing a new year in order to make a change, so I don’t make serious resolutions. Changes should just be made when they need to be. Imrpovements should be constant. Maybe it’s just me but I truly don’t get it.

Anyway, resolution or not, New Years always makes me think about everying I’ve done the previous year, so here it goes:

2017 has been an unexpected whirlwind for me.

  • I started the year off by going to NOLA with some of my closest friends.
  • A few months later I bought a house.
  • My grandfather passed away.
  • I got a PR in a 5k.
  • I volunteered with a new organization.
  • I hosted a company picnic.
  • I did my first Warrior Dash.
  • I got a new job.
  • I crossed off a total of 9 more states and one new country, most of them alone.
  • I attended my first “opening day” at Miller Park.
  • I PR’ed in Crossfit, several times.
  • I got in an accident and was forced buy a new car.
  • I went on my longest road trip yet (South Dakota)
  • I broke someone’s heart.
  • I was supposed to be a bridesmaid for the first time, but wasn’t.
  • I had a gas leak in my house and a broken water heater.
  • I’ve lost friends, but mostly by choice.
  • I got my heart broken.
  • I was body shamed.
  • I’ve learned what it feels like to not have the Packers make the playoffs (SHITTY).

But I think most of all, I’ve realized that life really does move fast.

People leave, people change – nothing is consistent.

I’ve learned a lot of things about myself… and a lot of things about other people:

  • I’ve learned that I need to worry about myself first and foremost; some people don’t understand that quite yet because they don’t care about themselves enough.
  • I’ve learned that people make mistakes, but I’ve also learned when to forgive – and when to show them the door.
  • I’ve learned that the only one that can stop me, is me.
  • I’ve learned not to be afraid to ask for help – everyone needs it.
  • I’ve learned that the ‘scary things’ are more than likely the best things.
  • I’ve learned that I need to take more chances and I need to overthink less often.
  • I need to worry less.
  • I’ve learned how much I need both of my parents, preferably forever.
  • I’ve learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
  • I’ve learned that even the closest people to you can hurt you in the worst ways.
  • I’ve learned that being an adult is expensive, and it’s hard.
  • I’ve learned that my dog really is my best friend.

There have been many changes, many ups and downs but man oh man, I am happy 2017 is over. December was by  far my worst month – bad thing after bad thing, over and over. But I’m hopeful of the future and that things will start to look up, regardless of the fact that it’s a new year. I’ve had some pretty rough days lately and some life changes that I’m not happy about or proud of, but it could always be worse.

And that’s my new motto — things could always be worse.

Hope you all had a happy and safe New Year – good luck with those resolutions.

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