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Here’s a GREAT story for you about another dating situation I ran into.

This guy on match sent me an email and he seemed normal, we have mutual Facebook friends, similar interests, etc. We’ve been chatting for a little over a week.

At first he was VERY pushy about going on a date and I kind of hesitated for numerous reasons but finally agreed to go out with him on Thursday of this past week.

Well Thursday came and I was very hungover (oops) and he knew that. I told him I didn’t feel well and he said he was pretty sick too so we should reschedule. He said he had a sinus infection and a really high fever. I was like cool we’ll just do this another time then.

Friday comes and he texted me telling me he still felt like garbage and he was leaving work around 1 because he was so sick.

Backtrack here a bit — he and I are (were) Snapchat friends. He has his location settings turned on.

Anyway, he didn’t leave work at 1. He was there the whole day, but I didn’t call him out on it because I thought “maybe he felt better” or “maybe he had to get something done that was under a time constraint.” whatever. I just left it.

So today, Saturday, he texted me and said that he had been hospitalized overnight because his fever was so high. He said that they made him sit in an ice bath and it was terrible. My reply was “oh, that sucks, are you home now at least?”



For fucks sake. If you’re going to lie, be smart about it.

I can’t stop laughing at the situation solely based on his stupidity. WHAT AN IDIOT. He also has his read receipts on and read that message over 30 minutes ago – with no reply. Because really, what can he say? I can’t get over it.

Clearly cancelling that date on Thursday was a good decision. Praise Jesus that I didn’t waste time on that.

And this, people, is why I hate dating. GTFO.

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