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I was putting my makeup on this morning and all of a sudden I was like “holy shit I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time” … and I was right. It’s been over a month. I’M SO SORRY (if you even noticed).

I forget to update when I feel like I don’t have anything exciting or important to say. I’ll give you an overview of what I’ve been up to the past month, though.

Let’s see… I’ve decided to take a dating hiatus. Again. I deleted all of my accounts and I’m refusing to go on any dates until after my Utah trip (which is like 3 weeks from now). I just needed a mental break, man. It’s exhausting, emotionally and mentally. So unfortunately on that front, I don’t have anything exciting to tell you.


I’ve been trying to do more things around my house to occupy my time. I re-did my front area where there *used to be* spindles. We added tile and lighting and I re-painted the cabinet. It’s 800 times better.  Painting ceilings is a pain in the ass and I hope to never have to do it again.

I also just finished re-doing my small bathroom – that was more of a facelift than anything. I painted the vanity, replaced the light, faucet and medicine cabinet, and added a new shelf.


House projects are so frustrating. You rarely have all of the tools you need on-hand and something ALWAYS goes wrong. I don’t really have more big projects I want to do right now – the outside is going to be next. Last year I didn’t do much to the yard because I moved in in April and it would have been way too hard to attempt to garden AND move in. Plus, I wanted to see what I was dealing with before I made a plan (BTW – basically nothing). I know nothing about gardening and my dad is usually pretty busy with his own yard during the summer so it should be an interesting task to take on but don’t worry – I got this. Open to volunteers if anyone wants to spend some time outside in the summer months, though.

Other than that, job is still going well. We’re at the end of the CrossFit Open and the team I am co-captaining finally won so that’s exciting. My goals are to learn how to do a pull up and then a muscle up this year, and deadlift 200lbs – stay tuned.

I took Kona to the dog park today for the FIRST TIME EVER and she loved it. We got yelled at once, though, by a lady who told me that I “need to control my dog.” I get it. Kona is very vocal when she plays with other dogs and although I know she’s not going to physically harm one, other people don’t know that. We went with Sam and her dog, Ace, who goes to the same daycare as Kona and those two are definitely buds which was super adorable.

image1 (3)

Kelly and I are taking a weekend trip this weekend to visit Maine and Vermont (YAY TWO MORE STATES) so I’ll have a more exciting update about that trip hopefully sometime next week.

Other than that, not much else to report.

I did, however, recently hurt one of my closest friends and currently am not able to contact him in any way, shape, or form. He used to follow this blog (no idea if thats still the case but I’m desperate). So, if you are reading this, Tony, I am very sorry and I miss you.

That’s all folks. Have a lovely week.



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