Utah and Idaho

Hi everyone. It has once again been awhile since I updated but I’ve actually been busy! And I finally went on a trip!

States 43 and 44, Utah and Idaho. YAHOO! 6 MORE STATES YOU GUYS IM SO FKN CLOSE.

Anyway, I flew out on Friday and landed in Salt Lake City around 9:30pm. The woman next to me on the plane was NUTS but in a good way lol my original plan was to sleep/read on the plane but I sat down and this African American woman in the seat next to me was like “GIIIIIIRL, WE BOUT TO PARTY ON THIS PLANE! I’M 4 VODKAS DEEP!” and it was all downhill from there. Uphill? Downhill? Either way, I didn’t sleep. She told me all about her life, partying, her sugar daddies, drugs, babies, etc. It was pretty nuts. Then come to find out she lives like 6 blocks away from me OF COURSE. We’ll probably be best friends.

Fast forward 3 hours and I land in Salt Lake. Got the car, went to the hotel, then decided to check out a local pub called Beerhive. It was cute! People warned me about the Utah drinking laws but they really weren’t that bad. They aren’t allowed to serve beer on tap that is more than 4% but you can get any ABV % in a bottle.  You can’t have more than 2 drinks in front of you at a time. Other than that, the laws are pretty standard.  We had two drinks and some nachos and then headed back to the janky hotel for sleep.

Saturday morning we got up and went for a run. Well, I tried to run. Austin was successful but my lungs could not stand the elevation. I could barely breathe – it was more of a walk/run. Put in a good 3 miles though! Then we went to Squatters Pub for breakfast and had some “Utah Scones” with homemade jam which was delicious, like mini donuts. And then it was time to drink.

We visited several distilleries and breweries: Sugar House Distillery, Uinta Brewing Company, Dented Brick Distillery, uhhhh… there were a few more but the names are escaping me right now. Basically we got day drunk, whoops.


Sunday morning we drove to Bear Lake, Idaho. We planned to just hang out around the area all day because it’s super cute, kind of touristy if you will. But the weather was SHIT. It was snowing and raining and cold and just gross. So we went to Bear Lake and then kept on driving through ID. We ended up stopping in Soda Springs where there is a geyser which was pretty cool to see. We had a drink in this townie bar – do you remember when people were allowed to smoke in bars? Well they were smoking in this one and HOLY CRAP I am glad that’s no longer a thing. It smelled so bad in there I got a headache.


When we left Soda Springs we attempted to find the Hot Springs. It took us a bit but we found them and you could see the steam coming off of the water but beneath the surface it was still very cold. Austin went into them, I did not. And I do not regret it.

Then we decided to head back to Salt Lake and take a short hike up Ensign Peak. It gave suuuuch a beautiful view of the entire city. Then we walked around Temple Square for a bit because obviously that’s what SLC is known for. The buildings were gorgeous (and it was finally like, 50 degrees!).

After that we decided to make our way to Park City, UT. We stopped at a bar called The Boneyard which was this cute little joint outside of the ski slopes. We got pizza with goat cheese, pepperoni and…dates? It was weirdly delicious. Had a few beers and then decided to go check into the hotel. Austin needed to do homework this night so we drank the bottle of rum he bought in SLC in the hotel room.

Monday it was finally time to hike. The ski season had ended on Sunday and all of the ski slopes were still covered in snow because of the weather. We tried finding a couple of different hiking trails and absolutely failed. So then we decided… why not just climb up one of these ski slopes? YIKES.

It took us about an hour and a half to get to the top and it was very slippery and rough on the lungs because of elevation. Luckily it was about 65 degrees this day so although we were surrounded by snow, I was still sweating my butt off. The view at the top was absolutely worth it though.


We spent about an hour up there and then made our way back down and headed to the Historic Park City street which was basically a road filled with a bunch of shops and restaurants. We got a few beers, stopped at a few places and had a light lunch. Then we decided to head back to the hotel so we could relax a bit before drinking some more.

We ended up heading back to the historic area and drinking at a few of the bars there. Apparently elevation causes you to feel drunker than you actually are which could be why we didn’t really stay out too late any of the nights but that’s ok. We headed out pretty early the next day and headed home.

Would I go to Utah again? Yes. If you know me, you know I love mountains and Utah is FULL of them. It was a really gorgeous place and all the people that we met were extremely nice. Not sure if I’d ever go back to Idaho… maybe test out a town that has a bit more people in it and see what city life is like there? We’ll see. All in all it was a great trip.


Until next time, xx

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