12669459_10205251278953628_2536205167890105678_nMy name is Samantha (Sam). A little bit about myself – I’m from Wisconsin¬†(yes, I love cheese). My favorite things to do include cooking, exploring the world, attending sporting events and staying physically active.

Growing up, I was always a “bigger girl.” It was the norm for me so I didn’t really care too much to change it. I could down an entire pizza, drink a 2 liter bottle of soda or eat a whole tub of ice cream with no shame. My weight did nothing but increase over the years, and by age 22 I was about 230 lbs.

I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Human Resources from University of Wisconsin РOshkosh in 2012. Immediately after graduation, I went on a 3-week study abroad trip to Europe. I ventured through Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France. It was an absolutely amazing experience, except for one thing: I was unhealthy. I had trouble climbing up the cathedrals in Germany. I could barely breathe while hiking the mountains in Switzerland. I took gorgeous pictures, but was embarrassed by how large I looked in them.

That was a huge turning point in my life. The day I returned from the trip, I purchased a gym membership. I started paying attention to what I was eating. I made a change to become healthy.

It’s also when my love for travel began. And when I say love, I mean LOVE. I love adventure and I love taking life by the horns.

I’m an open book, literally. I am 27 years old, single, homeowner, job-haver, all of the above. If you have any questions about me or my life, never hesitate to ask.

Instagram: Here
Snapchat: @sambuschman
Facebook: Here

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