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Here's a GREAT story for you about another dating situation I ran into. This guy on match sent me an email and he seemed normal, we have mutual Facebook friends, similar interests, etc. We've been chatting for a little over a week. At first he was VERY pushy about going on a date and I… Continue reading #BustedBySnap

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New years is always such a weird concept to me. Like, in reality, it's just another day. Yeah, you change the date when you write things but what else changes? Everything was the same as it was yesterday - right? I don't believe in needing a new year in order to make a change, so… Continue reading #NewYearSameMe

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I know I complain about being an adult, a lot, but man oh man has life been throwing me some curveballs lately. After my accident and looking at my insurance plan, it stated that I am allowed a car rental up to $1500 (which equates to about 30 days). Mind you, I have been consistently… Continue reading #DayByDay



Disclaimer: This post is not going to go very in-depth for various reasons, but I still want to put everything out there. Last week, I got into a car accident. I swerved and hit a parked car. All 5 of my airbags went off and the entire front passenger side of my car was smashed… Continue reading #NothingGoesAsPlanned

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I asked Kona today if I should update my blog and she said yes, so here I am, updating my blog. Not much has been going on recently. I've been "dating" but nothing too exciting has come from it (yet). I had ANOTHER guy go on two dates with me and then tell me he… Continue reading #Adulthood



I've been really contemplating how to come about this post. There's a lot I could say, a lot of bullshit that I could complain about - but I'm not going to. I won't get into details on this one but if you know me at all, you'll know exactly what it's in reference to. I… Continue reading #FriendshipIsntHard

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This is going to be a very vulnerable post. I've been wanting to write it for a few days but I was holding out hope that the situation would change and I didn't want to put this all out there if it did. Now that it's been over a week, I'm starting to accept it… Continue reading #20sAreHard

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Obviously most of you are aware of my 50 state goal by now. This year was rough for me because I felt like I had missed out on so many travel opportunities. Most of that was based off the fact that I now have a dog and a house... if my mom was unable  to… Continue reading #SoloAdventuresPartOne



Well, I'm a month late, but I'm finally sitting down to write my blog about our South Carolina trip. Lucky for you, I'm planning to pre-write about my east coast adventures right after this, so you won't have to wait that long for it 🙂 Its Friday night, 5:45pm and I'm already in my pjs.… Continue reading #SouthCarolina

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It has been quite the week for me. Yes, I know I still need to post about South Carolina, and I will. But I have other things going on right now that I need to talk about. Last week, I was offered the position of a Recruiter for Roaring Fork Restaurant Group – a Franchise… Continue reading #Stressed