Well, the bachelorette party was a success. No drama, lots of food and alcohol and good times had by all (at least I’d assume so). I gained (literally) ten pounds which was frustrating but it’s my own fault. Back on the train! Let’s talk about the main reason for this blog: my dog. I debated… Continue reading #DogsAreHard

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The last couple weeks have been crazy. Kona has “allergies” so she’s been obsessively licking and biting her paws. I took her to the vet and they gave her a shot – that hasn’t helped so I get to go back tonight and pick up medication. We had a work Company Picnic that I organized… Continue reading #IAmExhausted



Let’s chat about my most recent vacation – SOUTH DAKOTA (State 35, for all of you who are counting with me). There were 4 of us, we drove 12 hours overnight (3 hours each) and made it to Badlands National Park just as the sun was rising. It. Was. BEAUTIFUL. We were all SO tired… Continue reading #SouthDakotaLovin

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Fair warning, this post is going to be a bit more "from the heart" than you've had recently. I've made a few realizations about myself lately and I'm trying to work through them as well as I can, but I think writing it out is going to help. I don't have much self confidence. I don't… Continue reading #ConfidenceIsKey

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Summertime is busy, man. Between Crossfit, work, a dog, a social life... I AM EXHAUSTED, ALWAYS. Actually, I'm PMSing and my biggest symptom is laziness (not even overeating, weird, right?) Sorry if that's TMI - but it's the truth. A few things have happened since last week when I updated. On Friday, we did the… Continue reading #ThankYouMom

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Trust me, I know. I suck at blogging. The past two weeks have just been insanely busy and I put it at the bottom of my priority list again even though it shouldn't be. I'm sorry. Here's an update on my life. First of all let me just say that I love my dog. I… Continue reading #ImTheWorst

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The past week hasn't been too exciting. Busy, but nothing out of the ordinary. Last Saturday, I went to Strawberry Fest with some girl friends, walked around, drank a bottle of wine, the usual. I tried to eat one of those giant turkey legs, but I failed. That thing was disgusting. I couldn't bite through… Continue reading #KeepOnTruckin

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Yesterday, I spent the day volunteering with Habitat for Humanity assisting them with building a home in Waukesha. Since Brittany got a new job (you go girl), I've been overseeing the Employee Engagement Team at work. One thing that I really wanted to focus more on was community involvement. Long story short, we now have… Continue reading #HomeownershipIsHard

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It's been awhile since I posted a recipe so I figured I'd show you what I meal prepped for the week! It was a pretty good weekend. Friday I went out for tacos with a few former coworkers. I didn't feel too hot at all on Friday - I was very sick with some type… Continue reading #GreekChicken



I've been writing about boys too often lately and Saturdays are horrible for posting blogs but it is what it is. This is gonna be a long one, so bare with me. We'll call him Travis. (I really enjoy the whole fake name thing too, by the way). So Travis and I have been friends… Continue reading #friendzone