Utah and Idaho Hi everyone. It has once again been awhile since I updated but I’ve actually been busy! And I finally went on a trip! States 43 and 44, Utah and Idaho. YAHOO! 6 MORE STATES YOU GUYS IM SO FKN CLOSE. Anyway, I flew out on Friday and landed in Salt Lake City… Continue reading #43&44

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I was putting my makeup on this morning and all of a sudden I was like "holy shit I haven't updated my blog in such a long time" ... and I was right. It's been over a month. I'M SO SORRY (if you even noticed). I forget to update when I feel like I don't… Continue reading #Whoops



I had a bunch of my girl friends over last week to celebrate my birthday. We had a big Thanksgiving-style dinner and then played drinking games and hung out. It was actually prety low key which was nice. If you came - thank you. It was much appreciated especially after ending things with Tyler. Anyway,… Continue reading #TheFailedEngagement

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Well, I’m 28. Twenty-eight years old. Cripes. You know what my timeline was when I was a kid? My “life” timeline? How I thought things were going to go for me? I wanted to be married by the time I was 25, but I wanted to be with the guy for at least two years… Continue reading #28sStillGreat

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Have you ever met someone that has a shittier dating life than myself? I haven't. Or maybe other people just aren't as open about it? Who knows. I literally have the worst experiences. Anyway, I've been keeping this guy under wraps the past two months because I was hopeful (but deep down knew what I… Continue reading ########



So this blog post is going to be a little different in the sense that I really do want some comments/input. I want to know what you and your significant others’ timeline looks like. (or your ex, whatever applies). Were you friends before you started dating? How long were you friends before you moved it… Continue reading #INeedYourHelp

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Yes, I know it's been awhile since I've updated, but I haven't really had much going on. So then I need to decide whether or not to bore you with my boring life or to just skip the weekly blog post all together. So here we are - I'm not promising entertainment here, ya'll. Just… Continue reading #TGIT

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Here's a GREAT story for you about another dating situation I ran into. This guy on match sent me an email and he seemed normal, we have mutual Facebook friends, similar interests, etc. We've been chatting for a little over a week. At first he was VERY pushy about going on a date and I… Continue reading #BustedBySnap

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New years is always such a weird concept to me. Like, in reality, it's just another day. Yeah, you change the date when you write things but what else changes? Everything was the same as it was yesterday - right? I don't believe in needing a new year in order to make a change, so… Continue reading #NewYearSameMe

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I know I complain about being an adult, a lot, but man oh man has life been throwing me some curveballs lately. After my accident and looking at my insurance plan, it stated that I am allowed a car rental up to $1500 (which equates to about 30 days). Mind you, I have been consistently… Continue reading #DayByDay